Timeouts with four-legged friends

Your faithful companion

Your furry friend is welcome at our hotel.

Please inform us in writing if you plan to bring along your four-legged friend. That way, we will be able to establish that he is “hotel-trained” and you will acknowledge you are willing to abide by our rules for pets, thereby avoiding any misunderstandings or any potential additional charges that might result.

Please be aware of the following:

  • We charge € 10 per day for your four-legged friend.
  • Please tell us in advance your pet’s name and breed, that way we will have a small surprise waiting for him. ❤
  • Please confirm that your dog is used to staying at hotels
Leash requirement in and in front of the hotel
Kein ständiges Bellen
No continuous barking in the apartment
Hundekot bitte nicht vor dem Hotel oder auf den Terrassen
Please do not leave dog excrement in front of the hotel or on the terraces
Keine Lackerl an der Hausmauer
Do not permit your dog to urinate against the hotel wall
  • Our apartments are thoroughly inspected before new guests check in. If your pet causes any damages (bite marks/scratch marks/stains etc.), you will be charged the full cost of repairs.
  • Unfortunately, your pet is not permitted to lie on sofas/chairs/beds. We are happy to provide you with a doggie basket and pet blankets, which we ask you to make use of.
  • Please regularly remove pet hair and slobber marks, if this is something your puppy is inclined to do. We also have a doggie vacuum cleaner for you to borrow if you wish.


Thank you for your cooperation. We already look forward to having you spend a relaxed vacation with us accompanied by your furry friend.


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