The House

Where everything is guided by heart and passion

A place to fall in love with

Our Liftplatzl is still a young business, but it has already had a very rich history and received lots of positive feedback from many of our valued guests. We constantly strive to ensure that this is a place filled with joy and positivity. A place where our guests feel welcome and right at home.

In the seven years since it was built and opened its doors, it has grown into a fully mature business. Something many guests have been able to experience for themselves ever since:



That's where I need to go, that's where I want to stay.

Your Host Family

Together, we are simply better

Family Sonja & Mario Schitter

“The Liftplatzl is an affair of the heart for us.
We look forward to welcoming you here!”

Sonja & Mario Schitter


We – are Mario and Sonja, and have been a couple for over 20 years. Blessed with our three children Laura-Sophie, Mario-Marcel and Leonie-Michelle.

Deeply rooted, together with our parents and siblings. Making our family close and complete.

But wait just a second! We almost forgot to mention someone: ❤ Franz-Josef, our “puppy”, who always manages to raise everybody’s spirits.
Now, and only now, are we truly complete.

Sonja & Mario Schitter

As a family through thick and thin.

Together we dream, lend a hand, make decisions. We always stick together – even more so when it really matters.
We are always steered by our heart, driven by dedication, grateful for the gift of good health. With the wind at our back that comes from good fortune.
A source of immense pride for all of us!

We are grateful for the cohesion in our family, which has allowed us to do so many good things and also seen us through difficult times.


Together with our loyal Liftplatzl team, we look forward to many special encounters and wish you excited anticipation for your upcoming holiday with us.

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