Dogs aren't
just guests,
they're family.

Everything is ready for your faithful companion: Cozy dog beds for sweet dreams, delicious gourmet snacks for a snack in between - we make sure that your four-legged friend feels completely happy and loved.

And for the more adventurous puppies? Our picturesque surroundings are a real paradise for curious sniffers and playful explorers.



Murinsel St. Michael is the perfect place for splashing around and throwing sticks. This idyllic excursion destination is not far from the Liftplatzl, combined with a walk that is suitable for any day and any weather - regardless of the size of your four-legged friend's paws.

There is no separation between animal species on the bird trail in St. Michael. Along the Mühlsteig trail at the foot of the Speiereck, you will find interesting information and places for you and your companion, while your dog listens intently to the chirping and whistling of his feathered friends.

After completing a loop of the Fanningberg, your dog is guaranteed to be dog-tired, even though the route is not particularly demanding. The start and finish point of the walk is the lift car park, and the reward is the natural beauty of the "Fanningberger Aibl" area as well as a view of the mountain scenery and the Weißpriachtal valley.

Zur Info für
Deinen Vier­beiner.

  • We charge € 10,- per day for your four-legged friend.
  • We ask you to let us know the name and breed in advance,
    because there will be a little surprise waiting for your pet.
  • Please confirm that your dog is used to hotel stays.
  • Please do not leave dog feces in front of the hotel or on the terraces.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead inside and outside the hotel.
  • No constant barking in the flat.
  • Please do not leave any dog ​​feces on the hotel wall.

Our studios & suites are inspected before each new occupancy. If damage is caused by your pet (bite marks / scratch marks / stains etc.), the full cost of repairs will be charged. Unfortunately, your pet is not allowed to lie on the sofas / armchairs / beds.We are happy to provide dog baskets and blankets and ask you to use them.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to you spending a relaxing holiday with your animal companion with us.

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