Corona Measures

To keep everybody healthy

At the Liftplatzl, we look out for each other

We have examined every aspect of this important issue closely and taken every precaution to ensure the safety of you as well as our employees. Please be aware of our corona safety measures. For the continued good health of everyone!

  • With respect to the current situation, our employees are well informed and everyone has accepted responsibility for precise implementation of all necessary hygiene measures.
  • Our team has received intensive training to ensure they interact with our guests safely.
  • In our apartments as well as all other rooms and spaces at the Liftplatzl, we use highly effective disinfectants for cleaning purposes.
  • All publicly accessible areas have been equipped with disinfectant dispensers and are cleaned regularly.
  • Handrails, door handles, lift buttons and metal surfaces are cleaned once an hour.
  • Please: Let’s all maintain a safe distance, regularly wash and disinfect our hands, wear a facemask covering the mouth and nose as required, and reduce contacts to a minimum – this is also the reason, as far as possible, why we keep doors open.

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