Wellness & Sauna

Wellness like balsam for the soul

Rediscover your true self in the "Liftplatzl" sauna area

Our modern Finnish sauna, including a spacious, comfortable and peaceful relaxation area, inviting you to unwind completely after a full and exciting day of skiing or hiking. And needless to say, use of our sauna facilities during regular opening hours is free of charge for guests of the "Liftplatzl".

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Wellness in Nature

Natural, sustainable recreation

In Lungau, the term “wellness” takes on a whole new dimension. You see, here it is nature that plays the leading role. “Less is more” might well be the apt motto for this truly unique form of wellness happiness. The beauty of the surrounding landscapes makes a huge contribution to the “spa experience” as a whole: Even the shortest hikes give you a sense of complete freedom, a glorious nature experience that promises complete rejuvenation.

The area around St. Michael offers a number of special places that are worth discovering from an “Alpine wellness” perspective: One such source of power is a small bench on the Bettlmandltauern just outside St. Margarethen, as is the way marker in front of the Speiereck-Halterhütte. Or it might “simply” be the forecourt of the parish church in St. Michael, the modest outdoor altar by the trail crossing in Oberweissburg or a small table to yourself at the local café. In Lungau, you will discover surprising sources of renewed strength around practically every corner.

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